Yoga Business Revolution points the way to a soul-satisfying-financially-rewarding yoga business. We’re here to take your yoga business forward with self-inquiry, true-to-you branding and (un-sales-y) marketing.

If you’re a yoga professional, you’re the change the world wants to see.

Yoga’s existed for some five thousand years. You’d think the world would get it by now. You’d think. But there are hundreds of thousands, in fact billions, of people who are hungry for this unifying practice for mind and body. They just may not know it yet. Give people a taste of yoga, get them on the mat even a few times, and they’ll never turn back. Slowly but surely they’ll wake up to the non-stop gift that yoga is. And that’s where yoga teachers and studios come in.

Get ready to set yourself apart, attract your perfect community and fill your classes and events to overflowing. With every new student that comes to your classes or events, you’re helping to wake up the planet with yoga.

We believe in right livelihood, and we feel in our bones that leading the yoga business revolution is ours.

If you’re a yoga professional, you’ve found your calling, too. You’re the change the world needs. So live your dream and grow your community. You’re closer than you think, and we’re committed to getting you all the way there.

Together, we’ll wake up the planet with yoga.

We’re so happy you’re here! There’s no limit to how far you can go. The revolution is underway, and there’s no time to waste. Let’s get started.

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Chris King, Founding Partner

I left home when I was 19, moving from Florida to Maui, to become a full-time windsurfer. I soon accomplished my dream but went broke in the process. On a sunny day, filled with inspiration, I pulled the last $257 dollars from under my mattress and started my first business—a window cleaning company. Fueled by a fiery desire to make a good life for myself, I went at it with everything I had. Seventeen months later, I had a thriving six-figure business.

I worked hard, too hard, and broke down—physically, mentally and emotionally. A debilitating back injury sent me on a search for answers that led me to the yoga mat. Yoga changed everything and started me on a spiritual path that’s brought me countless blessings in my business and personal life. I knew from personal experience that the business people needed yoga and when I looked around I saw that yoga needed business.

So I started a revolution. A revolution for people like you who have one desire—to see yoga flourish everywhere, no matter what it takes. In the last few years, I’ve worked with hundreds of yoga teachers and businesses, sharing my excitement, expertise and fresh vision for yoga business.

Welcome. This is your revolution, and I can’t wait to meet you.

Stefanie Marlis, Partner/Creative Director

Ever since I won my first poetry contest when I was 12 years old, writing has been my spiritual vehicle. I earned an M.A. in creative writing at San Francisco State University and soon was teaching privately and at colleges in the Bay Area. But as much as I enjoyed teaching, the adventurous, rebellious Stefanie pulled away from academia toward the world of commerce.

As a freelance writer, I’ve worked on thousands of branding and marketing projects for companies like Athleta, Banana Republic, Coyuchi and New Leaf Community Markets. I’ve also published several books of poetry and recently finished a novel. All along the way, I also attended to my body, my temple—running, hiking, biking, weight training, rock climbing, meditating and, from time to time, practicing yoga.

But it wasn’t until Chris King pointed me to a local studio he thought was right for me that yoga became my main squeeze. My practice has brought my body and mind into the sweetest wakefulness I’ve ever known. More and more personal doors are flying open every day. I wish the same for you and everyone on the planet. So working as creative director for a business whose dream it is to wake up the planet with yoga feels phenomenal.

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testimonial “If you only make one investment to help your business, it should be Yoga Business Revolution. It will help you turn your business into gold and your dreams into reality.” Sarah Fay, Yoga Teacher, Marin County, California