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What’s Your Deepest Desire

If you’re like us, you have a burning desire to share yoga with as many people as possible. Your practice changed your life and now you want everybody to experience yoga’s profound transformational power. Filling your classes, growing your tribe is essential. That’s what Yoga Business Revolution will help you do.

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Here You Are. We’ve Been Waiting For You.

testimonial “Yoga Business Revolution helped uncover whom I actually want to serve—my niche. I understand now that I’m already a “yoga unicorn,” I just need to communicate my offerings effectively and deliver value. I’ve learned to focus on the benefits, not just the features. My business and outlook on life have changed dramatically. Christina Jagusiak, Satya Live Yoga, Mornington Peninsula Australia

What If Being A Good Teacher Isn’t Enough

If only we lived in a culture where you could give it away and still be taken care of. But mostly, it doesn’t work like that. When you finished your teacher training, you were filled with energy and excitement. You might have thought, “Show up, be present, my classes will fill and the money will come.” You probably didn’t think that part of being a successful teacher would involve building a business. All you want to do is teach yoga. Business is the opposite of yoga. But is that true?

Do Business And Do Good

Actually, your yoga business can support your spiritual path. You can do business and do good. Because the principles that will help you grow emotionally and spiritually are essential for creating a financially successful yoga business.

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I’ve been helping yoga teachers grow their businesses for years. Now it’s your turn. If you’re ready, you can build a successful, ethical business that furthers you on your path and grows your tribe. Marketing and branding, as you’ll see, are all about intention and investigation. You’ll ask your students questions, but more importantly, you’ll practice deep self-inquiry. Once you awaken the business guru within, you can do what you were born to do and get paid well for doing it.

Watch the video below to learn how to grow your yoga business and fulfill your deepest purpose.

Watch “You’re This Close To Living Your Dream.”

Here You Are. We’ve Been Waiting For You.

testimonial “With a master’s degree in designing online education, I am very skeptical about online courses, as I have pretty high standards. I was pleasantly surprised by how well designed Chris’ classes are! I’m so glad I signed up! Not to mention, a number of additional bonuses and add-on features that exponentially increase the value of the course.Jennifer Meyskens-Kavanagh, Yoga Teacher, Severn Bridge, Ontario Canada