Revolutionary Tools To Evolve Your Yoga Business


The Essentials For Creating A Professional Yoga Career

Here’s an introduction to the business, branding and marketing skills you need—from bookkeeping to social media—to grow your yoga business. Learn how to create and get the word out about your own true-to-you brand. This is your ticket to a soul-satisfying-financially-rewarding yoga business.

This is an online course for new and established yoga teachers with instant access 24/7. Presented by Chris King.

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A Hands-On Solution To Take Your Yoga Studio To The Next Level

With this groundbreaking solution you’ll rule your turf. Turn your studio into a thriving ecosystem of support, motivation and spirit. Get your teachers fired up to fill their classes, clearly articulate an inspiring mission your entire staff unites behind—and more.

This exclusive, custom solution includes an online branding course for your teachers and in-person sessions with the Yoga Business Revolution team.

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Branding & Marketing By Professionals Who Really Get Yoga

To wake up the planet with yoga, you’ll need to get clear about the unique gifts you offer, so you can communicate effectively with your community and beyond. We can help you develop a marketing plan, finesse your mission statement, create a website and more.

Yoga Business Revolution offers marketing and creative services to help you share your unique gifts with the world.

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Branding And Marketing To Fill Your Classes And Events To Overflowing

Creating a yoga brand that’s remarkable and sets you apart isn’t hard, you just have to get to know yourself. You’ll learn to ask the questions that will awaken the business guru within, so you can do what you were born to do: teach yoga and get paid well.

This is an online course for yoga teachers with instant access 24/7. Presented by Chris King.

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