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Yoga has changed our lives and we know, just like you do, that it has the power to change the world. That’s why we created Yoga Business Revolution and the Breathe Your Brand course. It’s a surefire path to a soul-satisfying-financially-rewarding teaching career.

Every new yoga student contributes to your mission and ours—to wake up the planet with yoga.

You’ve got something incredible to offer the world. Your personal expression of yoga and the way you transmit these ancient teachings is yours and yours only. Your unique combination of strengths, passions, purpose and dreams is waiting to be expressed. That expression and the relationship it creates with your market is your brand, and it’s the most important tool you have to help you build your classes and events and grow your tribe.

The Power of Branding

Every successful business, regardless of size, relies on the power of their brand. Companies depend on clients and customers getting a good feeling from the character and energy they recognize as the company’s brand. If a customer walks into a store on the other side of the country, or the world, and sees a well-branded product on a shelf, they’ll feel like they’re seeing a trusted friend.

When you successfully build your authentic brand your students will trust you and want what you offer.

As a yoga teacher, who you are defines your brand, and everything you need to build a remarkable brand is already inside you. Your job is to uncover your unique qualities so that you can express them in a creative way. Breathe Your Brand is designed to help you discover, cultivate and broadcast your brand to your current community and beyond.

testimonial “Yoga Business Revolution helped uncover whom I actually want to serve—my niche. I understand now that I’m already a “yoga unicorn,” I just need to communicate my offerings effectively and deliver value. I’ve learned to focus on the benefits, not just the features. My business and outlook on life have changed dramatically.
Christina Jagusiak, Satya Live Yoga, Mornington Peninsula Australia

What Breathe Your Brand Will Help You Do:

By uncovering, building and communicating your unique brand of yoga to the world, you’ll connect with the right studios and attract an amazing, loyal following.

As a teacher, you’re not the only one who’ll benefit from Breathe Your Brand. The studios you work with and the students who come to your classes and events will, too. You’ll be giving the studios you work with or want to work with an invaluable heads-up that says: “This is who I am and this is how I teach. This is my brand.” You’ll connect with studios that really get you and like your brand of teaching, so you’re much more likely to have a rewarding relationship. Which is a big key to success for studios and teachers alike.

You’ll start seeing the same faces in your classes, again and again, because their expectations are being met and they really like your brand of teaching. It’s human nature, we like small surprises but mostly we like knowing what to expect. Your students will enjoy their practices more, get better results and deliver the best marketing on earth for you—word of mouth advertising.

Course Asanas:

  1. Discover: Get ready to go on a treasure hunt. Find time and space to look deep inside you. You’ll find suggested methods of inquiry and specific questions in the Breathe Your Brand Workbook that will help you uncover your strengths, purpose, passions and dreams as well as your weaknesses and fears. Self-knowledge is the first step to evolving a successful brand.
  2. Define: In this asana, you’ll hone in on what you’ve learned about yourself, so you can clearly define your qualities—strengths, passions, purpose and dreams. You’ll find clear examples of how to do this in the workbook.
  3. Package: Go one step further—take all the qualities you’ve defined and put them together in a unique package. This package is the key to standing out in a sea of yoga teachers. You’ll create a mission statement and a marketing outline where you’ll define things like positioning, main message and audience. You’ll get clear on who your market is and what you’re offering.
  4. Market: Now it’s time to get creative and get the word out to your market about your authentic and unique offering. Websites, photographs, bios, Facebook and other social media will all be covered in this asana.
  5. Refine: You’ve discovered what’s inside yourself, clearly defined what’s there and creatively packaged your authentic brand. It’s time to reap the fruits of your labor—full classes and events! But you’ll want to continue to breathe your brand, reflecting on what’s working and what’s not, recreating and refining your brand, so your teaching reaches everyone its meant for and you continue to thrive.

You’ll love doing this work and the results it will bring. When you meet your tribe’s expectations, your classes, your private sessions, your workshops will be filled with happy students and your business will continue to grow. Your practice will feel richer too, because you’ll no longer be bogged down by the inevitable monkey-mind worries and whirlpool thoughts that scarcity spawns. Instead, you’ll be inspired to come up with new ways to express and share your true-to-you brand.

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testimonial “With a master’s degree in designing online education, I am very skeptical about online courses, as I have pretty high standards. I was pleasantly surprised by how well designed Chris’ classes are! I’m so glad I signed up! Not to mention, a number of additional bonuses and add-on features that exponentially increase the value of the course.
Jennifer Meyskens-Kavanagh, Yoga Teacher, Severn Bridge, Ontario Canada

A Revolutionary Online Course With Instant Access 24/7

In short, engaging and easy to follow videos, Chris King takes you through every asana of the course. You’ll also use a downloadable workbook to help you apply what you learn. Log in and learn from anywhere in the world.

In Breathe Your Brand, Chris King teaches you to effectively integrate and apply what you learn so you can establish your revolutionary brand and grow your tribe.

Community Support

When you purchase Breathe Your Brand, you receive lifetime access to the Yoga Business Revolution private Facebook group. This is the place to connect with everyone who wants to wake up the world with yoga. It’s the best place to get support, ask questions and collaborate with other yoga professionals.

Monthly Webinars For Q & A With Direct Access To Chris King

As you go through this online course, you’ll probably have questions. In addition to the course, and the Yoga Business Revolution community, you’ll also have access to monthly live webinars with Chris where you can ask him questions directly and get help personally tailored to you and your business.

Discounted Upgrade To New Versions

Just like you, we’re constantly refining our teaching. When we release new versions of this course, you’ll have the opportunity to receive the new and updated information at a substantial discount.

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Breathe Your Brand is also invaluable to the yoga studio that understands that your teacher’s success is your success.

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Breathe Your Brand is coming soon. Stay tuned for updates.

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We put our heart and soul into everything we offer. We’re confident that this course will have you breathing your brand and reaping great rewards. If it doesn’t meet your expectations within 30 days, we’ll refund your payment in full.

testimonial “If you only make one investment to help your business, it should be Yoga Business Revolution. It will help you turn your business into gold and your dreams into reality.”
Sarah Fay, Yoga Teacher, Marin County, California