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The yoga industry is blossoming like a flower in a time-lapse photograph. Yoga Journal put yoga’s growth rate from 2008 to 2012 at 29 percent, and a new article in The Huffington Post estimates over 20 million Americans alone practice yoga. Many more are rolling out their mats for the first time every day. We love it. Every new student brings us that much closer to our goal of waking up the planet with yoga.

To be a part of this worldwide blessing, you need to get the word out about what you offer this vast yoga community. And that’s why we offer Share Your Gifts.

We know the yoga industry like we know Downward Facing Dog and live yoga everyday, on the mat and off. We’ve also spent years branding and marketing our own businesses and hundreds of others. With Share Your Gifts, we bring our passion and expertise together, and as with all good karma the benefits ripple outward.

We put our mind, energy and spirit to work for what we love most—yoga.

Whether you want to birth or refine your brand, introduce yourself to your local community or reach out to the world, whether it’s a marketing plan, a website, a name, a logo or direct mail on your to-do list, we’ll jump in, already understanding the industry and loving yoga, so what we create for you won’t be generic but as original as you and your business.

Awe and delight your audience with your branding and marketing, and get ready to wake up the planet.

Yoga Business Revolution can help you:

If you’re ready to expand your sphere of influence, and would like more information about our creative services, send us an email. Tell the world what your offer with beautiful, hardworking branding that reflects your unique gifts, character and style.

testimonial “Stefanie Marlis, at YBR, is a joy to work with. She helped me create a new website for Motion Theater, which required clear thinking and creative imagining. Stefanie worked with me to find a perfect theme, organize the content and write it, giving sound aesthetic advice along the way. She also connected me with our designer.
Nina Wise, Founder/Director, Motion Theatre, San Rafael, California
testimonial “Chris King fired me up to give birth to my website baby, a dream I’d had for two years. He guided me, step by step, helping me look at how I was speaking to my audience, how easy the site was to use and how to attract students to engage with it. Now I have a great website that’s not just a pretty baby but is constantly growing and active. My students love the ease of buying yoga online, and I’m constantly attracting new students via the site.”
Jane Reynolds, Owner, My Yoga Women, NSW Australia

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