A holistic model to take your yoga studio to the next level

Yoga has changed our lives and we know, just like you do, that it has the power to change the world. That’s why we started Yoga Business Revolution and why we created The Awakened Studio—to help you fill your classes and events to overflowing.

Every new yoga student contributes to your mission and ours—to wake up the planet with yoga.

You’ve poured enormous energy into your studio and you’ve come a long way already. But to take it to the next level where your business generates the revenue you need to make your studio the best it can be for you, your teachers, your community and the planet, you need a new, revolutionary model.

Your studio is an ecosystem

For you to experience remarkable success and fulfillment—your staff, your teachers and your community need to be
aligned with you and your mission. After helping hundreds of teachers around the globe build their classes and following, we’ve discovered a deep need in this industry for greater connection and communication between studios and their teachers. Cultivate and nourish this relationship and you’re on your way to turning your studio into a thriving ecosystem of support, motivation and spirit—of taking your studio to the next level.

The elephant in the studio

So here’s a question for you: “Are your teachers onboard with your mission? Do they feel supported, nurtured and empowered to grow their classes? Are they inspired to work hard and grow your community with you? Often times, this isn’t the case. It’s just not happening with and for teachers in most studios. And because yoga is rooted in spirit-based, ethical principles, conscious relationships are essential in your business.

Everywhere studios are being run on a conventional business model that doesn’t put enough emphasis on principles or relationships.

We offer a new revolutionary model that looks at the yoga studio as an ecosystem. Our goal, no matter where you are or whether you’re a chain of studios or a small local yoga sanctuary is to grow your community by empowering your teachers and uniting your whole studio behind a common vision.

A Hands-On Custom Solution

What follows is a description of a six-part solution that takes advantage of both online and in-person platforms. It’s the full monty. We can tailor The Awakened Studio to you, your studio’s flavor and budget.

Part One: Studio Inquiry

This is a two-hour comprehensive inquiry conducted via phone, in person or virtually, in which we take an in-depth look at your studio, its goals, culture and mission.

Part Two: In-Studio Brainstorming

We’ll get clear on what you need to do and strengthen the bonds between you, your teachers and staff, brainstorming with you and your key players to discover the best way for you to achieve your goals.

Part Three: Live Teacher Training & Inspiration Session with Chris King

In this half-day live group session, we’ll use our proven turnkey system to inspire and empower yoga teachers with self-knowledge. We’ll help them get clear on their personal visions and introduce them to powerful branding and marketing tools.

Yoga Business Revolution’s Teacher Training:

Part Four: Your Awakened Studio Solution

We’ll design a solution specifically for your studio and teachers based on your culture and mission and your relationship with your teachers and yoga community. You’ll have a solid plan with which to evolve those relationships, tap into new revenue streams and increase your studio’s profitability and influence.

Our goal is to help you:

Part Five: Review And Refine

We’ll continue our collaboration in three follow-up sessions—either online or in-person—of 1.5 hours each—and review and refine the original solution so it’s a perfect fit.

Part Six: Ongoing Support

We’ll be there to help implement your solution, to review, adjust and expand it throughout the first year of our collaboration. We’ll also provide support to your teachers through a private Facebook forum.

testimonial “It’s the subtle and spiritual aspects of Chris’s teaching that differentiates Yoga Business Revolution. That’s what I’ve implemented and that’s what’s making the difference. The river of abundance just keeps me flowing, and literally within a day or hours a new client pops up on the radar. Just FREAKIN’ cool!”

Richard Hudspith, Somatic Movement Educator, Ottawa, Canada

What you’ll get:

Who awaken your studio is for

The Awakened Studio isn’t for everyone. It’s only for those open to new ideas and embracing the highest standards of conscious business. If this feels like you and your truly ready to take your studio to the next level, well then, you’re in the right place.

Next Step

Because of the intensive nature of our work with studios, we collaborate with only a small number of studios per year. If what we offer resonates with you and you believe yoga can change the world with yoga, fill out the form below. We’ll reply within 48 hours.

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